As I’ve said before, getting Directorate 51: Revelation out the door was a long, long journey — probably about 9 years since I started writing the first draft of that story. (I can’t even remember the original plot, but I think it’s quite different than this one.) But it’s now out the door and available for Kindle.

The general plot, about a mass disappearance, came to me not too long after that first draft, winding its way through my head and into the plot that survived thanks to one repeated question: “Why?” Why would the city of Albuquerque just up and disappear? Why would Marcus do X or Y? Sometimes I don’t feel like motivation is handled well in science fiction, and I wanted to conquer that.

The other problem: The ending. (Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead.) One of the major plot points ended just too neatly. And that’s when I realized that that very plot point could be a great story arc. I had always planned to write a sequel — heck, I even had some early drafts of two sequels written — but what I felt was a plot hole became the overarching plot to what I think is going to be a trilogy.

So those two sequels I wrote, which were still a bit thin on their own, are joining forces to become Directorate 51: The Unnamed Sequel. (Working title, obviously.) Hopefully, I’ll have it ready in a couple of months. I’ll also try to blog here some more as the sequel develops.

The final book in the trilogy should be a few months after that. The plot outline is still a bit thin — I mean, one sentence isn’t much to go off of — but I’ll be fleshing that out too.

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