After a lot of stops and starts, and stops, and starts, and stops, and starts, I’ve finally followed through with my promise to myself: I’ve published Directorate 51: Revelation, the first e-book in a sci-fi series I’ve had in my head in some form for nearly 10 years now.

Sort of.

Officially, I’ve submitted the manuscript for publication. It’ll take Amazon till tomorrow to run through the manuscript — presumably for quality control and the like — and when that’s done, it’ll be published. For real.

It’s been a process. Late last year, several of my friends helped me out with the manuscript, finding a few small errors and a couple of plot holes that I’ve been able to fill. Not long after that, I changed day jobs, which among other things kinda killed my momentum. Since then, I’ve tweaked a few things and rewrote a significant part of the ending, preparing the characters for as-yet-untitled Book 2.

But, it’s done.