With a dearth of ideas to blog about but a desire to post something, I figured I’d search the Internet for ideas. An automatic generator suggested this one.

1. Ink

How this isn’t the most obvious tool to go with a pen is astonishing. Ink allows your pen to leave behind marks that can be scanned or photocopied easily, without having to go the old route of shaking graphite filings over your paper so they settle into the scratches.

2. Paper

Just as nothing goes with jelly quite like peanut butter, nothing goes with pens quite like paper. The shredded, stretched, bleached fibers from wood provides the perfect receptacle for the (hopefully ink-filled) scratches produced by a wisely used pen.

3. Table

A great support for your paper soon to be stained with ink, a table offers firmness and stability, the perfect platform to scratch.

4. A Mastery of Binary-Encoded ASCII

Nothing impresses your desired romantic partner quite like a series of ones and zeroes arranged in the order to spell out “I LOVE YOU” in ASCII. Better yet, impress them with the unabridged works of Chaucer in perfectly inscribed digits — they’ll really notice the difference!

5. Fingers

While there are plenty of people who are able to use their toes or other methods of holding the pen, the classic pen holders are your dominant hand’s pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb.