It’s been another rough week. I’m saddened by senseless violence, both at the hands of a few bad police officers, and at the hands of one civilian who put his anger to the wrong use.

Steve Hartman said on CBS tonight that it’s important to remember the word “some.” Some police officers are racist, but not all. Some people turn to violence to express their anger, but not all.

But I think the better term is “a few.” While a few police officers have killed black men by over-escalating a situation, most have not. While one protester took an assault rifle to kill white cops, thousands this week marched peacefully, drawing attention to their message through unity and respect.

Being white, I may never fully understand the tension many black people feel with the officers they’re supposed to be able to trust to keep them safe. I can’t see through their eyes. But I can do my best to empathize. I was disgusted by the deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana, just as much as I was disgusted by the deaths in Dallas.

And I think my message from the Orlando shootings still applies: Love conquers hate. Inside, we all have hearts. It’s the differences on the outside that makes life interesting.