Much is going to be said over the next few weeks over the horrible event this morning, a man full of hatred shooting more than 100 innocent people at a gay nightclub in Orlando. But already there’s one trend that comes up far too often: hatred.
I’m not talking about the homophobia that in all likelihood was one of the key reasons for this tragedy. I’m talking about the hatred being espoused towards Islam.
I’m hardly an expert at Islam, but I have met many Muslims who have nothing but love. They want to live their lives freely and openly. They want equality. They don’t want to harm anybody else.

And if that sounds like the LGBT community’s goals, it should. I want to live in a country that respects all, regardless of race, color, origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other label applied.

Today’s shooting wasn’t performed by Islam. It was performed by one person. If he truly was motivated by homophobia, let’s not let his hate translate into our own. The world needs more love.