Last week I shared the manuscript for Directorate 51 Revelation with a few coworkers and friends to gather feedback and help root out any errors. Usually, it’s a professional editor who does that, but as an independent author (the current preferred term over “self-published”) I don’t really have the budget for that.

What I was not expecting was the enthusiasm for the project. I figured they’d want to give it a whack, but within a few hours of putting feelers on my personal Facebook profile, I got a lot more interest than I thought, and even glee over getting their (virtual) hands on the (virtual) copies.

But what really got me was when people started talking about the characters. “Oh, it’s right after Marcus meets Riva,” one coworker said. Another provided a joke spoiler: “Snape kills Marcus.” Hearing that gave me a little bit of a kick, making everything feel a little more real, and it got me kind of excited for everything coming.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the story with everyone.