I split my loyalties in football between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, which of course made the 2014 AFC championship game a bit awkward. And, of course, much has been said recently about the Patriots’ alleged cheating. (Yes, I do think the footballs were a little deflated. No, I don’t think Tom Brady ordered it. Yes, I believe everybody does it.)

That said, I’m not the world’s biggest football fan. I don’t often just sit down and watch a game: today, I did some writing and threw in some laundry during the Patriots game. But when I was watching I noticed something really cool: an increasingly rare instance of sportsmanship.

After tackling Tom Brady, a Washington player offered a hand up and a friendly hug. A couple of plays later, a Patriot helped a Washington player up the same way.

Football is a violent sport. Every play, you have a lot of large players tackling each other with some pretty serious force, which adds even more to the natural competitiveness of sports. But when the play is over, it’s nice to see the players taking the high road and respect each other.