As the post dates on this blog have indicated, I haven’t posted an update in a while. It comes down to a few things: being busy at my day job, a few technical challenges (my writing laptop died), and the inertia that comes with shelving a manuscript for a while. My original idea was to come back to it and look at it with fresh eyes, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

But never fear, I’m back. I’m about to start going through the manuscript again and having a couple of friends make some comments to improve Revelation. I’m also getting re-restarted on the next book, tentatively titled Reunion.

I know there hasn’t been much interest out there for Directorate 51 quite yet, but I still feel bad for nearly missing my self-imposed 2015 deadline to get this out there. I’m hoping to get it ready to go and published for e-readers by the end of the year.